Integrated Solution

Viewpoint is redefining what entity governance solutions need to deliver, enabling entity managers to optimise their data, processes, teams and client servicing to achieve unrivalled effectiveness.

Connect - Viewpoint Entity Governance Solutions

Connect is available as either an on-premise or Cloud solution. It comprises of eight highly integrated components which can be implemented individually or, for maximum benefit, as a single unified solution that offers unparalleled scope and depth functionally.

Engage - Viewpoint Entity Governance Solutions

Engage is a web application that expands the scope of viewpoint exponentially! This secure, highly featured solution, seamlessly integrates with Viewpoint Connect to provide a client, intermediary and front office servicing portal that is without peer comparison.

Features include entity statutory information, extensive document collaboration, meeting management, debtor information, online purchasing, timesheet entry, out of pocket expenses management plus entity dashboards and user action based calendars.

However, the unique, stand-out feature is the Service Request functionality. Preconfigured service requests are available for users to request for any action to be performed by the back-office. Extensively integrated into the powerful Viewpoint BPM functionality, the requests are dynamically variable to meet the most exacting needs of any client.

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Entity Details

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Service Requests

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Meeting Management

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Detailed Filings

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Diary & Calendar

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Document Collaboration

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Fees & O/S

Entity Governance Solutions - Viewpoint

Verified Data Input

Solution Architecture

Viewpoint Connect and Engage integrate to deliver the world's premier and most comprehensively featured entity governance and compliance solution.

The secure cloud enabled solutions allow back office and front office users plus clients and intermediaries to connect and engage in every aspect of their entity management needs.

Connect - Viewpoint Entity Governance Solutions
  • On Premise or Cloud Solution
  • Implemented as single integrated solution or any combination of the 8 core components
  • Covers every aspect of a modern professional entity management and compliance organisation
  • Outstanding User Experience utilising world leading dashboard technology and web styled BPM data input functionality
  • Scalable from a single user to an unlimited number of users
Engage - Viewpoint Entity Governance Solutions
  • Web application that provides online secure access to Viewpoint Connect data, documents and BPM Workflows
  • Initiation platform for Client Service Requests and integrated dynamic data capture
  • Access to a single or multiple Connect Environments – providing a single platform for users to view, update and initiate services requests no matter where the underlying Connect environment is located
  • Ultra-modern look and feel with an intuitive user experience